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We actually like doing those finicky bits that you, as a printer, would rather not have to worry about (it is strange but true!). From inkjet personalisation of letters or mailers, to hand finishing of all kinds, think of us as your very own S.W.A.T team.

We employ a team of skilled and highly motivated bench workers, who have wide-ranging experience of printing, finishing and mailing work. We work flexibly because we know schedules are (usually) tight. And although we can't work miracles, we can generally ensure that even the most complicated job gets done on time - and correctly!

We have 3 laser quality (up to 600 dpi) inkjet printers – which means we can inkjet personalise in excess of 220,000 items in a day. So even mailing houses with hungry enclosing machines to feed can be confident we can keep up with them.

Our highly adaptable duplex inkjet facility can be used in-line with our infra red dryers, enabling us to personalise on matt, silk and gloss stocks in a wide range of colours and fonts, including hand-written. It’s highly flexible as well, enabling us to inkjet items as small as a credit card, as long as 800mm and even up to 2.5cm thick – and if you want get really creative and have a die-cut item inkjetted, we can often do that too.