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Direct Mail

Direct mail forms a substantial amount of Jamm's business and our extensive experience, coupled with our 'before, during and after' approach, ensures that we attend to every little detail.

We also specialise in work for charities and fundraising bodies because we like to contribute positively towards sectors that are a force for good. Whatever the nature of your organisation, you can count on us to put your ideas into operation effectively, efficiently and economically.

As well as producing the pack we can also provide:

  • Data management: This includes segmenting your data in ways that deliver the most cost–efficient international mail sortation and rates. We have accounts and can sort mail for postal services througtout the world and with the major Downstream access providers in the UK and Europe.
  • Laser personalisation of mailings, or alternatively personalisation via simplex or duplex inkjet printing, on a variety of non-standard paper sizes. Our multiple head inkjets, combined with infra red dryers, deliver greater coverage even on coated stocks.
  • Hand or machine enclosing.

Beyond the UK

It's not just time zones and languages that can differ. Organisations running direct mail activity in Europe from the US can benefit from our advice on the best location in which to produce a mailing. This can depend on a number of factors including destination, strength of Euro v Sterling and postage options – we can ensure you get local European postage rates and use local European Printed postage Impressions on your mailings. We can even advise you on how the tax liabilities for charitable mailings vary from country to country.