;  Contacts - Jamm Print & Production


  • Customer Services:
    Liz Shackleton - First point of contact for everyone, whoever and wherever you are.
    Email: liz@jamm.co.uk
  • Print:
    Alberto Ciniccola - Carlsberg don’t make Production Directors, but if they did they'd be like Alberto…..but with more fizz, just like Prosecco!
    Email: alberto@jamm.co.uk
  • Mailing:
    Mike Prime - What he doesn’t know about mailing could fit on the back of a postage stamp.
    Email: mike@jamm.co.uk
  • Data Processing:
    Will Ingram - Data entry, cleaning, coding, translation, summarisation, aggregation, validation, analysis, warehousing – all in a day’s work for Will and his team. They can also advise you about GDPR. All our processes are GDPR compliant.
    Email: it@jamm.co.uk