Welcome to Jamm

If we're new to you, this site will tell you what we do and just how well we do it. If you're already a client you may want to go straight to Customer Log In, but feel free to take a quick look, there might still be something you don't know about us!

Jamm began trading in 1994 and over the years we’ve developed three distinct areas of business.

Producing high quality, realistically priced work across a wide range of products.
Trade Services
Hand finishing, fulfilment and generally the bits no one else wants to do.
Direct Mail
Planning and managing all aspects of direct mail production in the UK and Europe.

What other companies might consider ‘special features’ we offer as standard. Ask Jamm about laser printing, simplex and duplex inkjet personalisation, international mail sortation and rates, printing on recycled paper… you want it, we do it.

We can fill whatever gap there is in your production department... if you have one! We produce end results that are second to none, whilst delivering all the support you need. We thrive on solving clients' print problems, not least because developing uniquely tailored solutions ensures every day at work is different!

Customer Log In is available to any client with an active account. It enables you to send large database files and artwork direct to us and to view proofs of work in production. If you want to know more, give me a call.

Liz Shackleton